Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day

I hope you have all had a lovely Australia day, where ever in the world you are! While some of you may have relaxed by the beach on such a beautiful day i was at the Big Day Out. It was such an amazing day with awesome music and great company. More than just a music festival, it was a fashion parade, with all different styles and fashions surrounding me, some great, some not so..... I  found myself in another world  storing some amazing new ideas away in my memory!

With new and exciting things happening at Hilda Mae i cant wait to show you the upcoming pieces, but until then you will have to sit tight and wait! Here are the remaining lot of photos from, ' a walk in the meadow'.

Be sure to check out the latest in store at

Leigh x

Sunday, January 23, 2011

dreaming and scheming...

Well this is a first, i jumped, literally, in front of the camera today but please remind me next time, no jumping on slippery rocks! 
Here is a very recent creation for one of the collections i have planned!
Yes as i titled this blog i am currently planning out my next few collections, very exciting as both are very close to being completed. I am going to remind myself to sew on each label as i go next time, instead of taking up hours of my Saturday sewing the little tags on 50+ items!
Now for more important planning - what to wear to the Big Day Out! x

Here are a few more pictures from the 'Walk in the Meadow' shoot, your thoughts?


Thursday, January 20, 2011

sometimes i wonder

Sometimes I wonder how things will be in the next few months/years. I have so many plans, ideas and goals but the truth is, as much as you want to plan things out, sometimes life has different plans for you.

i say follow your dreams and let the rest fall in place!

Here are a few shots of the black and white pants coming into store soon, i just loved the print but didn't know what to do with it! Wrapped it around my self a few times and decided pants it was. You know the best thing about these pants.... they wont crush! :)♥ 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hilda Mae Pieces Giveaway winner is...


I am so glad this was a random draw as i have received such lovely comments from all of you. Thank you all for your requests they mean so much to me and keep watching as there is another giveaway just around the corner! 

After such a successful week from finally launching the store i am stressing as i need new stock up asap! Every day this week i have raced home from my day job to get in front of that sewing machine! I cant wait to show you all whats in store next! 

So check out the latest items here.  and keep up to date with all the latest new on our face book page here. 

Here are a few shots from behind the scenes from a recent photo shoot. It was a scorching hot day with absolutely no shade, I'm a little surprised the girls were still talking to me by the end, I'm quite the slave driver! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

items for S A L E this S U N D A Y dont miss out!

The time from starting this exciting adventure has only been a number of months but I sit here and wonder what i would do in my spare time? You would think working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week designing would satisfy me. But it doesn't. So there was born Hilda Mae.
I have only started to realise that making clothes is the easy part. But there is a whole lot of work that goes into each item from designing, producing, styling, photographing, editing, uploading, advertising and the bit that will make all the difference.... selling.
DESIGNING -This part comes easy i usually panic because i have to many ideas and not enough time or brain capacity to do them. Inspiration comes from a vast range of things, from a little old lady walking down the street to high end fashion catwalks. One day i dream of having all the time in the world to design but for now i allow myself a limited amount as i would never get anything else done!
PRODUCING- One day ( the time i get home from work 5pm - 10pm) i can make up to 3 or more items, the next only one - i guess it depends how much coffee i drink! I love having the final product all ironed and complete, hassling my mother to waltz it around the house so i can see the movement - thanks to me she can walk in heels! 
STYLING- This is something i love to do but tend to rush it. An area i will put more effort in. Slow down leigh!
PHOTOGRAPHING- After only touching on photography during design school, i have learnt a whole lot more from there. I have some help from photographers and i know i need a whole whole lot of practise but its part of my favourite thing of Hilda Mae and i cant wait to improve.
EDITING- Quite simple, a few lighting adjustments but the trick is to get the perfect lighting on a photo shoot.
UPLOADING- Boring, slow, even worse if there is nothing yummy in the house to eat!
ADVERTISING- Well still in the process of working that out! Giveaways seem to be the best way.
And then comes SELLING

Just go to the Hilda Mae website
Browse through, take a look, i would love any sort of feedback. Items are all one off, so get in quick!
Its easy as 3 clicks just email me first to check the item is still for sale, i will try to update the store as often as possible. Please remember this is the first day of trading and i will try my best for everything to run smoothly.
With love and Style.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hilda Mae G I V E A W A Y our very own garments

With our online store about to launch, we are trying to advertise our brand as much as possible. Our next giveaway will be of our very own garments! Hilda Mae Animal Print Bohemian Top, Fits a perfect Size M but also looks stunning over sized on a XS - S! We will also include in this amazing package our very own Hilda Mae Turban/ Scarf and a stunning piece of jewellery from
a Peace symbol necklace.
All you have to do is either suggest to your facebook friends, by clicking the link under the profile picture (on facebook). OR Leave a note on your facebook wall advertising Hilda Mae with our website link- 
All suggestions and advertisements are recorded but leave a kind little note and you will therefore be in the running! Best of luck.