Thursday, November 22, 2012

Adventures through Europe

Just a short iphone quality snapshot of the latter part of my travels. Back home now starting the next chapter. Love.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A birthday trip to BATH. 24/04/12

I'm one of those dreamy people that like to celebrate birthdays for a week :)
So the big old 23! This year being a little different away from my family was always going to be tough especially on occasions like these. But thanks to the skype and most importantly Lys it was no different to any other birthdays!
We decided to explore a bit of the English countryside for a couple days.
We headed to Bath, checking out the most amazing vintage stores! Indulging in Thai and exploring the ancient Roman baths.

Monday, August 6, 2012

London its time to party.

Not really any other description than this!! And party we did. Nights il never forget with friends il always remember... Actually most nights looking back are a bit blurry. But a photo tells 1000 words right? From cocktail jugs £2 jaga shots, buses going further away from home... No sleep and a whole lot of dancing the Easter break and the weeks surrounding then were a couple of the craziest weeks to date! I would say take me back but then I do recall the hangovers... Time of my life. Xx

BRIGHTON My first trip from the city 10/04/12

Wow it is already August It seems like just yesterday I was in Brighton although remembering all my travels and backtracking to the beginning it also seems a life time away I left Australia.
Brighton was in the top of my list when I first arrived as a day trip to escape the bustling city for a day. Living in London is extremely fast paced and without realizing it, it tends to take it out of you. This was my first trip out of the city since arriving and one I think well deserved.
So In the space of a month we found our first home, after living in a hostel for a couple of weeks (there's more homes to come haha), I also found full time work too.
Leaving early on the Tuesday morning my friend Luke n I made our trip down to the south coast amazingly only taking 50 mins! Instantly I knew how much I was going miss the ocean and a breath of fresh air I am so used to in my next few months here. The atmosphere and scenery were beautiful and fresh, the shops were quirky.
We walked down and along the famous Brighton. The day was perfect, blue sky and sunny, very picturesque, however only being the beginning of April there were icy ocean blasts that found us wandering into the village. After a few ciders, warm stodgy lunch filling us up our afternoon was spent lazying around on the pebble shores.
While London itself is truly amazing, learning and seeing new things every day, it's hard to believe such a different laid back lifestyle is only 50 minutes away! Best of both worlds really.
Updates from London. Xxx

Thursday, March 8, 2012

London -let it begin.

Its hard to now where to begin to explain the adrenalin, craziness of moving to the other side of the world, but ill just say its awesome and it actually doesn't feel like too much of a change... well apart the weather that is! Been doing the touristy thing for a few days as you can see above! Had a few nights out, learnt from early on to go home before the tube stops running or know how to read google maps ( i have Lys to thank for this). I can say i have been into topshop almost everyday iv been here, wandered Notting Hill Markets and had my eye on too many pair of boots! 
Missing out on Laura Marling tonight was devastating but need to see a few gigs soon i miss my music! 
I guess my only complaint would be no reception on the tube.. or most places underground - waiting on interview calls this way can be frustrating! and the lack of toilets... the bush is another story.

Cant say I'm homesick yet, there seems like too much to do here and i wont have enough time, even with my 530am wake ups! Hostel life is wearing thin, so on the house hunt. I now need to focus my self on Karaoke tomorrow night, i hope the shower is free! better scrub up for my interviews too.
Love to everyone at home xxx