Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ok so here it goes.. an attempt to use html??
Anyway i have realised over the weekend i have a whole lot to do before i can launch any of my designs. Here they are,
Nail down a name.. Hilda Daisy?
Get a sample label made.. Do i stick with Hilda Daisy as my name?
Decide on what logo i will use.
Photograph my stock,
Photograph stock for my look book,
Decide on etsy or ebay,
Learn how to create a store and use html (if i need to)..
I currently have 49 items.. mostly completely stated from scratch and a few individual vintage pieces which i think accentuate my label!
Well bed time 6am Gym then Monday morning start of the working week, gee i wish i could pause time i would get a whole lot more done! xx