Thursday, August 12, 2010

So iv been brain storming on a name for my label... I originally wanted to use my name as the brand but am now thinking otherwise!

Hilda Daisy....

I could have a completely different name when i eventually release my stuff but for right now I'm happy :))
What do u think :) My sewing machine broke late last night I'm hoping it was just because i was tired that i couldn't fix it! I'll have to wait until i leave work to figure it out!

I also had a little clothes fitting last night with my model.. i think she was trained to well as a dancer -well lets wait till i get a hold of that! I decided to search for some inspirational shots for practise.. lucky her!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Fabrics!!

A couple of new fabrics i found from a beautiful Vintage Store 'Shop 55'!! Also one of my new designs i thought i might put up.. 
Plans for my Online Shop are still up in the air Ebay or Etsy?? I guess i still have a few months to decide.. i plan to have a good amount of stock before i start promoting my garments. So 'Leigh Anne' Facebook page etc will still be a while away.
This blog will probably sound silly to others seeing as nobody knows anything about me or my plans, i think its a great way to document my story! 
Love to all xxx

Thursday, August 5, 2010

In the very very early stages of creating my first Clothing line. All a bit much trying to balance right now with my full time job, eating sleeping and seeing the bf! 
Had a stall in inspiration or rather a hiccup in my last creation which got me flustered... And now have thrown that design in the bin! i don't want to waste time trying to save it as it might also do my head in.. I'm impatient in that respect.
So i decided to start my inspiration book which has got the ball rolling again, in the sense of sitting in my office at work when my mind is on my stool at home with the sewing machine!!! So not in a physical sense but i have new designs I'm eager 
to get started :)

Thought i would start a blog to look back on my 'hope to be' progress.. 
I hope to start my shop by the end of the year! So we will see!!! xxx :))

A few Inspiration pieces i gathered from David Jones Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.