Monday, November 29, 2010

thats a wrap

Here we are the last lot of garments form the shoot the other weekend. The Hilda Mae Sheer Black ruffle    shift and also the Hilda Mae Structured Ruffle. Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday night i know i am after a yummy dinner @ the haven, Terrigal. Asian Chef yum yum. 

Over the next week we will view the pictures form the aaamazing photographer Linda Wales, so stay tuned and you will see more items that will be for sale at the launch of the Hilda Mae website late January. 

Also exciting news coming up our lovely friends have let us borrow their cute home for a shoot this coming weekend so fingers crossed for the sun to shine :) 

a little bit of lace

 Hello Monday- i think the main thing to keep me going today and very slowly i might add is this will be the 3rd last Monday of the working year! I will focus on that.
Over the weekend we had a few interesting moments, one of the most exciting ones was the purchase of our very first giveaway!!! So very exciting i just had to buy a copy for myself. but shhh don't tell! i was meant to be Christmas shopping :D So in the next 2 weeks i will be launching this and hopefully you will all fall in love or already be in love, as i did!

Here a a few more exciting new items  from the photo shoot last weekend. Featuring the Hilda Mae Little Lace Dress. Hilda Mae Lace Top and again the Hilda Mae Striped Shorts.
So let me know what you all think of the latest items to the first collection of Hilda Mae - on sale late January 2011! 
Enjoy your 3rd last Monday of the working year! :) x

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Parlez vous francais?

No, i don't speak French, have not been to France or have plans on visiting anytime soon. Don't get me wrong i would love to hop on a plane tomorrow, but in the mean time i can dream of what i would wear if i happened to be going..

So here we are, my next 2 outfits we shot over the weekend, now you may not think it but i call these my french dresses! So if i happened to be taking a trip to Paris, this is what id wear (no hints at all in the post) Id pair it with black leather sandals, my bohemian hat a natural face with coral lipstick!

I plan to be having a few exciting give aways in the next month so stay tuned, listen up and suggest Hilda Mae to all your friends! Work on the website is coming along nicely and will be launched soon. Enjoy your Thursday, not long til the weekend now! :) x

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Retro Prints

So as many of you heard me whine in the past week, I'll gladly inform you i finally got the hat i was after! With mother dear on tow, we ventured up to the shops Thursday for some late night shopping and a bite to eat. I found the perfect hat in country Road which happened to have a 25% off sale. Yippee :) As many of you would relate, a mother daughter combination ( both with a passion for fashion i might add) would struggle to get their shopping and dinner done by 9pm, and as expected we were ushered out the shops a little after 9! 

So introducing the Hilda Mae retro print dress along with the bohemian hat.

All about the Stripes.

Introducing Anna, a wonderful addition to the Hilda Mae Shoot on Sunday. So with me and my crazy need for planning i wanted to be organised with every detail of the day, before the day. From the clothing order to who was wearing what, it was a few hours until i had my day all planned. Waking up to a magnificent day was such a relief and we got the ball rolling early! too early for some :) A big thanks to the two models  Tegan and Anna which made my day easier and also my assistant for the day Lauren! Couldn't of managed without you! It was a scorching day and was glad to relax at the end in a gorgeous cafe by the ocean. So over the next few days i will be posting pictures of new stock from the rest of the day which i hope you will all love!

Introducing  the latest at Hilda Mae including our Striped Shorts, Vintage White Blouse and Cutout Striped dress.  

At this rate we are looking at releasing our online store as of mid January 2011. Our website is currently in the works and will keep you posted on the progress. I am currently living my dream and i welcome you to what i expect to be a crazy but exciting ride! Love Leigh x

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A different Light

There are so many new plans and ideas running through my head over the past week, and I'm so eager to get them started, however i no i should sit down and start planning! Here are a few insights for the future at Hilda Mae. Over the next few weeks i will continue documenting my current stock, quality controlling each and every garment, finalising labels and swing tags then approving samples! There are many exciting new plans in the mix and work our website will be starting shorty! We are extremely happy at the progress of the label and have received some lovely and very encouraging feedback so thankyou :)

Introducing part 2 of my dusk photoshoot, a different approach from the first, 'A different light'. or so to speak.. We launch the Grey Polka Dot Maxi Skirt into the spotlight, a sheer, soft, chic design we hope you will all love!

As we all know Hilda Mae is still figuring out what each of you would like to see, and although we are loving what we have made so far, your continued feedback is awesome, we are creating clothing for you and love to listen to each and everyone one of you ideas, likes and dislikes. 
So thankyou for taking the time to read what is only the very start of an exciting new adventure! :) We would also like to wish everyone a fabulous Melbourne cup Day! Best of luck with your bets, Go Shocking!

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Shapes

After sitting in the office all day looking out into the miserable day, i was praying for a miracle, oh please sun, shine through those bloody clouds! 
And then it happened the clouds parted and the blue sky moved through right on dusk... its show time!
Here are a few new shapes we were experimenting with..We're glad we tried something new and showed the garments in a different light. What do you all think?

We would also like to introduce the Hilda Mae Fringed Short, A cute chic short with a bohemian edge. Other Hilda Mae clothing included a Polka Dot Jacket with Silver edging, And a Vintage Geometric Sheer top.

More pictures are coming soon, same day different light! :) With love, Leigh Anne