Sunday, March 27, 2011


Taking a step back in time i wanted to share with you the very first dress i ever made! This was about 2 years ago now when i went out on a whim to purchase my sewing machine. I used a gorgeous orange print fabric i came across at some markets and a chain from a vintage bag. All in all i wanted to go for a Maurie and Eve style rustic dress.

I came across the wonderful designer Maurie and Eve about 4 years ago now, day dreaming through their website while i was in design school. So throughout all my designs to date i always have to an extent a Maurie and Eve influence throughout my works, whether its from designing, or styling and shooting, they will always be a label i am mesmerized by.

These pictures were taken by the amazing photographer Annaliese Raftl. There are a range of outfits coming up that Annaliese has taken for an assignment. The theme is 'Black and Gold', which she has captured perfectly. The stunning model, Sarah Macready not only captured the urban and classic feel to the brief but shows of the clothes beautifully. 

Although i will always keep this dress to look back on, it is nice to see it somewhat 'dressed up' and in action. 
Thank you to Annaliese and Sarah for making this happen :)

Leigh x

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Gone are the days of the miniskirt and the thigh-skimming dress. The fashion world surprised us all with its new message: conservative is chic. Walk into any designer or chain store and you’ll be sure to notice that legs are hidden and hemlines are longer. Last year there was a major trend in maxi dresses; and this year it is the maxi skirt’s time to shine. For some reason, whether it’s a flowy, frilly, straight, patterned, block-coloured, or striped style, this skirt makes the wearer look lean and lithe. It’s one of those rare items that looks flattering on everyone. A floor-sweeping skirt is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. It will take you from day to night, and season to season. Long skirts are no longer frumpy, ladies, but fashion-forward!
Hilda Mae loves this trend with many of these styles available now in store! We are also proud to acknowledge the latest fashions that have just launched in leading UK Stores with the likes of Top Shop and ASOS are right on par with our latest collection.
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Hope you are all having a lovely tuesday 
Leigh x