Monday, October 25, 2010

Logo finalised!!

So it took its time, i guess the name was a big factor in this whole thing.. but i have finally settled for not only a logo but my name  Hilda Mae.. What do you think? Now i know i will develop different styles and opinions in the coming months/years and my logo will develop alongside and its exciting to think what it will eventuate to?

The official logo

Hilda Mae, was developed from my Grans name Hilda, who in person is so individual and unique it inspires me to do the same and therefore the name followed. Here are a few more pics from the shoot with added branding! 

So here i sit in the office on a dreary Monday lunchtime planning my next lot of outfits to shoot. I'm hoping Thursday afternoon sunset on the jetty! please please rain go away! But tonight i better get the boyf birthday cake sorted out how am i supposed to top my fishing cake from last year?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My first photoshoot

So i have been given an amazing opportunity to use my clothing in my first 'official' photoshoot.. more about this later, so as i do when things begin to come together.. i panic. It doesn't stop me from getting things done i just start to over think and things become a mess!.. but after a couple days i stepped back to look at everything a little clearer - i planned a 'practice' photoshoot with my bf and also my model.

Today... After awaking at some ungodly hour (for a saturday)- i finish of one of my garments to use in the shoot and wait upon the always late bf.. lucky she supplied me with coffee!
Skirt- Hilda Mae,  Top- Hilda Mae  Boots, Vintage

This is the first time i have had the opportunity to see my clothing in how i have imagined.. And just quietly i am quite pleased.. But not only that i am even more excited, as this is only a tiny step to what i envision for myself. Here are a few more of the shots we took today! hope you like..

I just had to show the last picture -its a fact i have converted my friend into not so ballerina poses! was so much fun to work together and now i have (kinda) got the jist of my new camera i wont be so scared to start shooting more of my clothes! So what do you think? Id love some feedback- no matter positive or not it all helps. xx:)