Thursday, April 14, 2011


The last few days have been somewhat influential for me, firstly on Monday my gym buddy decided she would have the afternoon off, so i thought i might too, hey its only one day right?
Today at lunch, my avocado was just about ripe enough for my salad on cracker daily lunch, but after one lovely lady decided to crave KFC, I'm afraid the rest of the office had a new lunch menu!
These things are something you like to blame someone else on but to also benefit. Well let me tell you a secret...
MIMCO are having a sale! Yes all off these gorgeous shoes above are available here. Want to hear the better bit you can blame me, yes you heard it go on treat yourself to a little Easter treat. However this does mean you should pass on those Easter eggs, just send them this way :) 
Cabury Creme's are my favourite!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

new things

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Various exciting things are in the works at Hilda Mae and i just wait to share!
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a few things i would love your feed back on are,
- What are your thoughts on the new style diaries?
- In the coming months i am planning to jump infront of the camera a bit more, something that i do love though is photographing but do you think putting a face to the label would be a better approach?
- I am closing in on 1000 facebook followers and want to plan another giveaway, i was thinking a beauty giveaway this time as opposed to a giftvoucher one, what are your thoughts on this, do you have any other ideas?

Below testing out some new lipstick shades, you may think i could be promoting McDonalds. But the combo that Rhianna wears, i say... MMM im loving it' haha.  Leigh x

Saturday, April 9, 2011


These amazing images are from the Holly Fulton SS 2011 Show. Whilst 'down under' we are piecing together whats hot and whats not for winter and as always Europe are a season in front. Here is a showing of whats in store for the European Spring Summer and by the looks of things the magnificent Holly Fulton sure has her designs in top top shape!
The longer length will still be the preferred hem line again this season. The colour range is quite similar with neutrals and strong bursts of colour. I think the stand out factor in this collection is the strong graphic print aesthetic. The use of shape and ratio of shape sizing through each piece complements the colours used to a tee. Fulton will definitely turn heads with her artistic fair in these designs.

There are many different ways to style the graphic trend, including dresses, tees and jackets but if you are after more of a subtle look, go for a neutral coloured outfit and style with anything from jewellery to shoes, You would be surprised how much that slight pop of colour will accentuate that look. Want an extra tip? Add a little bold lippy and you will be the belle of the ball!

Leigh x

Thursday, April 7, 2011

confessions of a fashionista

An idea came to me the other night as i literally dowsed myself in the latest fashions, trends and what is on the catwalk right now, that not only do i want my clothes to be just well clothes, i want my label to be a visible part of fashion. Any of you who have read my blog before you would have noticed the posts are just of a diary entry of Hilda Mae, but for me to get to those posts and the final pictures, alot goes into the 'behind the scenes'.  So from now on i will be posting a style section each... however often. Its not so much about how and what to wear the Hilda Mae label with but more of a up to date trend/ fashion report that i  am influenced by and what i find super inspiring. 

A must have colour scheme somewhere in your wardrobe this A/W is the earthy tones. Not only does it bring out the warmth of your outfits on the chillier Autumn nights, it can add a subtle tone of colour your outfit may be lacking. With this Topshop find not only is it casual for a day look but has a beautiful mustard tone to it that matches neutrals and well as a wide range of denims.
The Marc Jacobs watch is a must have and i may be adding this into this post as i would really love to open it on my birthday in a couple of weeks :) Seriously though with its alternative edgy black band to its extra sparkly face and who wouldn't want it? 
 While a few of you may be wondering why would anyone after dressing up in such pretty dresses what to wear these workmen style boots, i say RMK  Touch them. Smell them. Wear them. Hey in some cases live in them as i have done in recent weeks you will regret your earlier thoughts. While they may look masculine esk, team them with a layers of girlyness, a touch of class and you have the perfect outfit ready for your day out!
Let me just finish by adding great clothes only looks good with style to boot, and day time is no exception.  You heard it here first!

Leigh x 

Monday, April 4, 2011

BLACK + GOLD Collection

Here are the rest of the photos from the 'Black and Gold' photoshoot. With some amazing photography by Annaliese Raftl and her model, Sarah Macready! What a great team they made and i couldn't of imagined the Hilda Mae brand looking any better! Thanks girls :)

Over the next few days i will be working on photography for the web shop. I'm experimenting with a few improvements to the store and once done i would love to hear your thoughts. I have alot of editing over the next couple of nights but as soon as that's done the store will be revamped and reloaded with brand new items! So stay tuned

Leigh x