Monday, November 7, 2011

Live from London

Something that i have always dreamed to now come to life. As of February 28 2012 i will be embarking on my adventure of relocating to LONDON. Travel is something i have only done previously in small doses, being lucky enough to tour the Middle East and the UK and with a recent trip to Malaysia it has only encouraged me more to bring to a close my life in Australia for an indefinite adventure to Europe. 
Living with no regrets i catapulted myself into study after school and now having thankfully been in the design workforce over 2 years with launching my label Hilda Mae, i am ready to start a new adventure. I wont get anywhere designing from a blank canvas so its time to see, live, explore and wander the globe having not a care in the world!
With a couple of my closest friends alongside me it will be one hell of an adventure i cannot wait to start! But don't dis pare, I will be documenting fashion and the ever changing styles from across the globe.
This isn't goodbye, just a change in scene! Hilda Mae aint' finished yet. Love.

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